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Hey people _o/

Because some YouTubers asked me to translate an interview with Epica from German into English I took the time and did it. I'm already very sorry for any mistakes in the way I write English. I know I'm not perfect. My biggest problems are the structure of sentences, tenses and prepositions - I guess. But here's the interview and my translation: have fun =)

Interviewer Dear (don't understand/know) fans. One last time here in the interview corner. Of course together with Simone and Mark. A wonderful good evening! I hope you're feeling fine!

Simone Yes, thank you.

Interviewer Yes? How was it for you to play in a small, sweaty, hot club like this today?

Simone It's always a lot of fun. But I use a - I don't know - fan?

Interviewer Yes.

Simone Then it gets a little easier. If I sweat all the time I'll get a bit tired and (...). But I like it.

Interviewer The fan is always with you? It's a constant part of the show?

Simone Yes, it's a show element and I'm comfortable when it's turned on. And it's refreshing.

Mark For me it's the hotter the better.

Interviewer Ah, I understand. You (Mark) prefer the sauna and you (Simone) prefer the fridge.

Simone I also like sauna but I go there in order to sweat. I don't like that on the stage.

Mark Tell us where you take a sauna.

Interviewer Yes, that would be interesting but we better don't want to delve into that now. (hope that's correct) Not that much.

But finally heavy metal isn't shown on TV very often. Or rather not at all.

Mark Not?

Interviewer No, not that way. I can't remember there's anything - excepting us - that dares to show heavy metal. What are your expectations? It's already extraordinary. There you know "it is unique, it is uncommon". You have to be prepared very well. What expectations did you bring with you?

Simone We aren't that well known in Germany. Friends told me 'Rockpalast' is a good show and maybe we get the chance to get more fans and being able to play in Germany and sell more discs. I hope we played well. But there are many mistakes in every performance and...

Mark Many?

Simone Plenty!

Interviewer But you can't do anything about technics.

Simone No, it's live.

Interviewer Right. Now, you released 5 discs. Spain works fine. Where else are you famous, too? I think France as well. Belgium...

Simone Mexico.

Interviewer What's the reason - from your point of view - why you aren't that famous in Germany so far? It's just around the corner. You even live in Germany. It's rather extraordinary.

Mark One kilometer from the frontier.

Interviewer Yes.

Mark (looking at Simone) ...yeah, I don't know!

Simone Yes, now we have contact with NuclearBlast, a German record label [record label = Plattenfirma; Simone: ...Plattenfirm =)] and we also toured through Germany. I think the best was (don't understand). There were 100 people I think. I guess that was the maximum.

Mark In Munich there were 300.

Simone Okay.

Mark It was great. Maybe there were many Austrians.

Interviewer At the time when Nightwish took leave of her singer there were rumors that they came to you and said: "Hello Simone, how is it? Do you want to go for it?" Is there any truth in this? If so, how was it for you? Also inside the band. Did you discuss about that and...

Simone Yes. But I always said I'm with Epica from the beginning and it's 'my band' and if I have to sing with Nightwish it's not 'my band'. Tarja is a great singer and that was a bit too high for me. I'm able to grow with Epica and that's very important to me. And the music from Epica.. I like Nightwish very much but Epica is a bit harder and I like that.

(Then Mark said something about ten million Euro.. I didn't catch that)

Interviewer Were you guys afraid sometimes that Simone says "I go to Nightwish" though?

Mark Yes, a little bit, but...

Simone He often asked me "Did they call?".

Mark Then she said "No no. I'm from Epica!". I believe in Simone.

Interviewer I also noticed your new album isn't that focused on orchestra anymore like the ones before.

Mark Every song is orchestral but there are also songs where the guitar plays a major role. I think it's more balanced now. Before there was more orchestra but many people told us it's too much and it should be better if the guitar is more present. And now we did it. I hope the balance is better now.

Interviewer Your voice has changed as well. It's much more diversified now. Is this also something that was important to you?

Simone Fans asked if we want to(*) add a more classical voice into our album.

[*) In German this part is at the end of the sentence and there Simone just said some random words like to do, want to, should, 'another' to do and a 'wab wab' sound =D]

Mark (said another possible word for 'want to')

Simone (repeated what Mark said), yes, right. But I sang how it was the best for every single song. I'm a trained classical singer and I like singing classical. But if you're able to sing the other way as well... the more the better. And it's a challenge to sing differently because you can always use classical singing.

Interviewer What about the tour in autumn? Is it planned already? Can you tell us something about it?

Simone In September we go to the US. There we tour with Vision of Atlantis from Austria - and the singer is American. After that follow some Dutch gigs. And then we tour in Europe together with Sonata Arctica. There we are support. Then to Mexico and back to Holland again.

Mark While we are touring through Europe we also visit Germany.

Simone Yes! I forgot.

Interviewer Sure, Germany is just so small it's easy to forget it a little.

Mark We forget Germany.

Interviewer Maybe that's the reason. Sometimes you have to fight a little harder to reach a goal.

Mark Yes, we fight a lot. We come back every time. (...)

Interviewer I wish you good luck and success. Best wishes for your album and for your tour.

Simone Thank you!


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Thank you so much for taking the time to translate this.

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No problem =)

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